Lock Starz Salon began as a figment of the owner’s imagination in 2015. As a black woman, a mother, a professional, a veteran, and a former student, Krisstonia envisioned a “One Stop Shop For All Things Locks and Natural Hair”. In her long term vision, Lock Starz Salon is an oasis where customers, affectionately known as “Lock Starz”, would have access to everything they need.
So what does a Lock Star need? 

The African American Lock Starz need talented stylists with a wealth of knowledge about caring for natural hair and all of the wonderful styles afforded to them as naturalists. The mom/dad  Lock Starz need a place where salon, barber, and children services are offered and where children can be entertained while parents take a moment to escape reality to receive some much needed TLC. The professional Lock Starz need a salon with flexible business hours where they can unwind while getting hair care, nail care, massage, facials and even a cocktail or two! The Veteran and student Lock Starz need a salon that offers discounts for veterans and students. Our uniquely holistic approach gives customers a chance to experience life as a Lock Star!


Lock Starz Salon is a beauty salon that caters primarily to African American men, women, and children. We provide a personalized hair care regimen to help our clients reach their personal natural hair goals that range from Transition styles or Protective styles to Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks or Dreadlocks.

We want your hair to grow strong, be healthy, and look amazing.


Your goals are our goals. We aim to create a unique experience that will leave you wanting more! Our excellent customer service, thorough documentation of details for each visit, high quality products, and talented stylists are the perfect recipe for success during your natural hair journey.